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Note from Wimbledon Community Grocery Store Managers Steven & Cassie Guscette

Note from Wimbledon Community Grocery Store Managers Steven & Cassie Guscette:

March 13, 2020
With two record low months of sales for the store we are struggling to stock our shelves and pay our 4 employees. At this point Steven and I are continuing to volunteer our time to help fill hours and cover shifts as a way to lower the needed income.

According to the 2018 census there are 192 people in the city limits of Wimbledon if all those ppl came in and purchased just $40 a week then the store would survive…if those 192 people purchased just $60 then we would thrive!!! At this time most of the money spent at the store is coming from people outside our city limits, which we are so blessed to have, but just imagine what would happen if the people who lived in town came in once a week and purchased a few groceries. Every person inside or outside town counts and the store needs your support.

If things do not pick up, within a month the store WILL CLOSE or there will have to be VERY DRASTIC changes. Managers can make all the policy changes in the world but if there is not enough income than the doors will still close….

On a personal note and to hopefully quell rumors that seem to have popped up…Steven and I did not do this to make money for ourselves. We have not taken any wage or salary from the store, and all our efforts and time have been volunteered. We do not own the store. It is still a nonprofit. We stepped into this role so the store would remain open, to allow Carol and Linda to retire from it, and so this community would have access to food and a place to gather and socialize. We love this community and we love the store. All we want to do is see the store and this town thrive.

If you do not currently shop at WCG what can we do to bring you in? Feel free to comment below or send the store a PM with your suggestions. Also we will be having a meeting on April 29th for Associate Board members (more details about that in April Newsletter). If you are committed to this town then we encourage you to get involved by becoming a member!